U.S. Gym Leonia Facility

We believe that gymnastics is a stepping stone to every sport.  It focuses on strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, determination, and self-confidence.  Since 1988, we have been helping children achieve their goals and reach their potential through gymnastics, in a fun and safe environment.




Kids have a natural desire to learn and to discover the world around them.  With that in mind, U.S. Gymnastics has a philosophy of positive encouragement towards learning, with respect to each child’s own physical abilities.  We realize that at any stage of their lives, children can achieve. At U.S. Gymnastics your child can develop the physical, mental and social skills necessary for success in an enjoyable, safe and fun environment.




Our 17,000 square foot facility is located at:  100 Leyland Drive, Leonia, NJ  07605.  We have Olympic level, state of the art equipment in a fully air conditioned facility.


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